PAAZA Compound Color Modeling and Sculpting Playset


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For generations, children have developed coordination, creativity, and collaboration by playing with modeling clay. Now, with Kiddy Dough’s 36 pack of colors, imaginative boys and girls get their hands on something truly exciting and engaging!

This all-in-one value pack comes ready with every shade of the rainbow, letting curious kids exercise their hand and finger muscles—as well as their imaginations. Watch as they roll, shape, cut, form, and squish our non-toxic dough into anything from a colorful ice cream sundae to a magical unicorn.

Weighing in at 3 ounces, each can is perfectly sized for little ones, making them ideal for preschool classrooms, daycare, birthday parties and beyond. So, if you want to give them a fun, fascinating learning experience for every play date to come.

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Data sheet

AMAZING COLORFUL VARIETY – Each Individual Jar Features a Bright, Beautiful Shade of the Rainbow; Includes Orange, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Purple & More
EFFORTLESS TO CLEAN – Soft, No-Mess Compound Won’t Stain Hands or Home Surfaces; Simply Wipe Down Table & Utensils With Mild Soap & Warm Water
ENDLESS PLAY POSSIBILITIES – Modeling Clay is an Educational Tool Known to Enhance Creativity; Use With Kiddy Dough Tools, Cutters, Molds & Extruders
KIDDY DOUGH VALUE PACK – Bulk Set Includes 36 Mini 3 Oz Cans of Moldable Kiddy Dough for Hours of Fun, Creative Play; Recommended for Ages 2 and Up
SAFE, NON TOXIC EXPLORATION – Tiny Hands & Fingers Can Press, Squeeze, Roll, Smooth, Squish, Shape and Learn Without Harsh Chemicals, Fragrances or Dyes