PAAZA Survey Markers - 4 Pack - Hi-Vis Yellow


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4 Pack of Low Profile Survey Stakes - If you own a piece of property and want to keep your property corners and boundary line marked but don’t want to live with a stake or other above-ground object in your yard forever, this is the solution. Most property corners are marked with rebar, pipe or monuments often buried several inches under the ground. These hot-dipped galvanized pins/markers are approx. 6 1/2” long and have oversized approx. 2 ¼” heads that can be driven down until they sit flush with the ground. These survey markers allow you to easily mow, walk and drive over them to maintain your property, yet still allow you to easily re-locate them. They provide a convenient way for you to re-locate your survey markers when needed without a surveyor and a shovel! People walking and riding by your property will not even notice them, but you will know where they are when it’s time to install a fence, plant a hedge or when you just want to know where your property corners are located. You can let your grass grow over them so they are not readily visible, yet be able to re-locate them with little effort. You can also choose to keep them more readily visible when standing above them (similar to a sprinkler head) with a weed eater every so often. If your grass or landscaping gets too grown up over the marker, a simple magnet or basic metal detector will be able to locate the marker’s large HDG steel head with ease! Everyone should know where their property boundaries are but no one wants to be “that guy” who keeps stakes, pipes or rocks at their property corners claiming their territory for all the neighbors to see. All five colors (Plain, Green, Brown, Hi-Vis Yellow & Hi-Vis Orange) are hot-dipped galvanized steel construction to be there for many generations. Patent Pending.

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Easy to locate but not obtrusively noticeable to neighbors or someone passing by
Made using long-lasting Hot-Dipped Galvanized Construction
Permanently marks your property boundary without an obtrusive stake or structure
Permanently marks your property boundary without an obtrusive stake or structure